They understood the importance of promoting a society where we are recognized more for our similarities than our differences.

Thousands of people pledged to do their part to end the stigma against people with disabilities!


People signed an electronic petition in support of ending stigma. Also, people were encouraged to include an action they would take to help put a stop to the stigma against people with disabilities.

Following are some of the responses to the prompt, “I pledge to take the following action against stigma.”

Sheryl Delozier

Pa. State Representative,
88th Legislative District, Cumberland County

Dennis O’Brien

Philadelphia Councilman at Large,
Former Speaker of the Pa. House of Representatives

JoAnn L. Edwards, MA, SPHR

Executive Director,
Pa. Human Relations Commission And Staff

Frank Williamson

Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety,
Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County

Robert Tate

NFL Veteran,
10 Seasons

Angelina Castellani

Yesterday, I drove past a young woman waiting for the bus who had Down Syndrome. I realized that I have never had the opportunity to have a conversation with an individual with Down Syndrome and that I was pretty ignorant in regards to the disorder. I pledge to seek out interaction with those individuals with conditions that I may not understand, because there is no excuse for ignorance.

Amina Mitchell

To educate people about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jack Shuey

I pledge to not treat others differently (in a harsh way) and I pledge to take care of myself and others


everyone special in their own way so don't let anybody think different...

Catherine Marcks

I pledge to educate myself more on these topics and continue to lead a life of giving respect.

Lisa Stevens

I pledge to never just anyone..we are all fighting a battle inside and out each day..I want to bring awareness that not all disabilities can be seen!

Jamie Greenawalt

I will share this petition at work, at church, with family and friends, and on facebook.

Ashleigh Varner

I will reach out into my community too through speeches and presentations in schools to raise awareness of mental illnesses, especially depression and anxiety.

Jen Rotz

I pledge to make people more aware that the stigma is wrong, regarding people with disabilities

LaNee Wynette

I pledge to take any action that will help anyone with depression.


Be less judgemental and more open and accepting of those with disabilities. Treat them more like people and less like an inconvenience

Diana Stitt

Be kind to all...
Treat people fairly and without judgement...
Be a good friend


To be truthful always

Steph Brown

Educate others about everything people with disabilities can do and why stereotyping is wrong

Julie Hensler-Cullen, MossRehab

Advocate for the use of persons first language.

Laura Ferguson

If I see someone who is being made fun of, I will be their voice (if needed) and stand up for them.

Jon Bausinger, Center for Independent Living of NCPA

Continue to advocate for the rights of those that can not advocate on their own and empower those who can by providing them with resources, options, and services needed to obtain individual freedoms in their lives!

Andrea Kushner

I will make an effort to publicly show my friendship to those with disabilities. I hope this will initiate the same from those who take notice.

Jenna Rose

I am going to help out with disabled kids at school

Lyndon Kushner

Making friends with special education class

Skyler Brown

To educate others to help end the stigma attached to disabled people across the country


By teach people about mental health

Keli Martin

By treating others with the respect they want

Aimie Gildes

Help stop people from bullying

Hayley Eckhardt

changing conversations about disabilities

Mary Butler

Speak and love my truth to end the stigma

Jordan Dodson

I will look deeper into my own preconceived stigmas regarding people with disabilities and inform friends of the stigma present in their lives.

Jennifer Jones

Use only Person first language and to educate others

Ryan Taylor

To use only Person First language and to educate others on the effect stigma can have


Continue to educate and enlighten all people on why stigma is harmful to us all.

Danielle Thompson

Bring awareness to others


I pledge to continue to advocate for the rights of those who suffer from Mental Health issues while continuing my own recovery.

Sharon Anderson

Allowing companies to employee people with disorders. We too are People .help break the stigma and open the box.
Thank you

Lisa Fishel-Slater

As an advocate of individuals with disabilities and someone who raises service dogs for IwD. I am passionate about breaking the bias and I pledge to continue to drive the conversation to continue to create a community that is welcoming of all people!

Lisa Miller

To see people for who they are and what they want to do in life

Dell Burke Concerned Advocate Parent Services (C.A.P.S.)

I pledge to protect and educate the community about people with disability.

Brenton McClean

I pledge to write to my local state Rep about these issues

Laurie Kleynen, Excentia

I pledge that "no means no" when it comes to exclusion and segregation.

Laurie Combs

To be an advocate for my peers, and help them to advocate for themselves. As well as talk, talk, talk about my recovery and road to it. to help others see they to can recover.

Katie Bergey

Actively encourage others to be KIND.

Ambry Ward

Continue to accept, respect individuals with disabilities in everyday interactions like our son in our community.

Shirley Riffle

To educate members of my community

MaryRae Nee

Create awareness and advocacy for the Dystonia community of Western PA

Amy Buzard

I pledge to do my part to stop the stigma against people with disabilities.

Danielle Vance

Encouraging and supporting independence for anyone who has a disability

Carmen Thomas

Make a difference at my place of employment by educating the uninformed.

Crystal Buck

To let more people to know about this

Denise M. Scotland

Learn more about people living with a disability and the stigma they experience. Be an active bystander and stand up when I hear offensive or misinformed statements being made. Share resources (like the videos and quiz) with my peers and encourage them to take the pledge!

Cameron Snyder

Standing up for others when they are being judged and educating them.

Stacie Basom

Educate and raise awareness. With knowledge comes power.

Rona Trout

I pledge to be more understanding and to take action and try to educate the people around me

Darlene DeBiasi

Educate myself and those I work with to get on board with this project. Perhaps host a viewing of the Documentary, and "act" in a way that supports the language and agenda.


I pledge to continue to dialog about stigma wringing out my own biases in order to fully see potential in us all. This will MOVE "the possible" into "the actual" for myself and all whose lives I touch.

Lisa Vesolich

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I will continue to treat others with love. I will educate those who are unaware they are aiding in creating a stigma against people with disabilities.

Diana L Ames

I willingly join the fight to destroy stigma.