They understood the importance of promoting a society where we are recognized more for our similarities than our differences.

Thousands of people pledged to do their part to end the stigma against people with disabilities!


People signed an electronic petition in support of ending stigma. Also, people were encouraged to include an action they would take to help put a stop to the stigma against people with disabilities.

Following are some of the responses to the prompt, “I pledge to take the following action against stigma.”

Jessilyn Holp

Put the PERSON first, not their "diff ability". I will continue to teach my kid that different is beautiful!

Melia Stewart

Educate those who have misconceptions of individuals with disabilities.

Ken Connor

To think about stigma, disbality rights and access issues and to take action whenever I can

Jenny Baker

I pledge to talk openly and honestly about disability and encourage my friends and family to ask questions and include them in helping them end the stigma!

Mary Jo Rhode

Discourage people from being afraid of people with disabilities. Encourage people to always use "people first" language.

Jody J.

I pledge to SPEAK UP if I hear others spreading misinformation or ugly, hateful comments.

Mary Klinger

To always treat those with disabilities with love and respect. To correct those who do not.

Louanne Ellingsworth

Stand Up for those like myself with different disabilities to help the Public become educated and help eliminate the stigma that surrounds them and help show their abilities instead of "dis"abilities...

Phil Ellingsworth Sr

I pledge to stand up for disable people who get bully on the job because of their disability.

Christie Nebel

I pledge to see the similarities in folks rather than the differences. I pledge to help others do the same.

Kathleen Walker

I will be more vocal when seeing stigma being perpetuated by people regarding anyone with a visible or invisible disability. I hope to take part in a documentary event locally to try to get people talking about and be more aware of this issue.

Carrie Todd

I pledge to engage people who appear to have a disability in the same way I would anyone!

Betsy Daley

Raise awareness


Let's stand united

Mary Jane Hudson

To stand up against all stigmas.
Mental health related
Disability both physical and non-physical

Virginia Hamm Peterson

Talk about the project daily so I can find a way to make discussions positive and "comfortable"

Sarah Darazio

Call people out on it!

Jim Glzier

to speak out and take action

Kelly McKenzie

I pledge to use people first language and end stigma all together for people with disabilities. I pledge to advocate for ending stigma as well.

Richard Brea

I will continue to openly share my story of my struggles and achievements with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder with whom ever I come across. I will continue to be a voice for other people of color and I will always do my part to erase the stigma attached to mental illness.

Maria Svrlinga

Stop to help and educate those who don't know


I pledge to stand up against stigma and will spread the word through social media family friends anyway to ask other people to stand up against stigma with me and people that have to live with disabilities every day. It's time we all take a stand and fight for their rights as well

Donna Everetts

To help people realize that people are people.

Gene Boyer Community Care Connection

To always speak and act with non-biased behavior towards people with disabilities. I will help educate other people so they may see and treat the disabled better.


Defend others and teach my son to not be a bystander to bullying.

Brenda Muse

I pledge to raise public awareness on social media sites.

Theresia Kody

Educate businesses on hiring people with disabilities, as well as educating people on the value people with disabilities bring to the workplace.

Vanesia Moodie

Let us end this stigma so the most qualified candidate gets the job and they are not judged or excluded based on their disability. This is my goal as a recruiter.

Katie Corry, Chester County Intermediate Unit

I pledge to increase awareness and acceptance of individuals with different abilities through community involvement and education.

Robbie Graves

Talk more openly about my life with significant mental illness.

Jennifer Bowman

Speak out against the stigma. I am one of the disabled. I suffer from chronic migraines, a brain tumor, borderline personality disorder,and other medical issues. I know what it's like first hand. Thank you so much for addressing this issue.


stand up, and talk at my church

Brenda L Fry

I pledge to speak up and help educate more people on the topic of people with disabilities.

Shannon Frank

To educate people on the facts and myths of mental illness. Help to stop the stigma and show people how to be more accepting.

Erin Gaul CILCP

I am differently abled and I refuse to let it keep me from the things i love!

Jane Cassidy

Hold public events, such as talent shows, pageants and concerts to show others the extraordinary abilities and talents of special needs kids, young adults and adults with disabilities.

Ashey T.

I work with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to ensure they have the beat live possible. To me they are all just labels.

Rebecca Ortiz

Encourage positive relationships regardless of physical or mental abilities in my home and work environment.


I pledge to do more on my part to make people more aware of stigma and educate them on it.

Linda L. Groff

I will discuss the Let's Think Again project at the Berks County CSP committee meeting in an effort to have our committee plan a project in our local community

Brooke Schipporeit

Not use the "R Word" or other words that have negative connotations for people with disabilities;
To use people-first language as to not define people by their disability; &
To educate others on the power of language and disability etiquette.

Marissa Muller

Stand up for my differences.

Autism Awareness

Make awareness and overcome the bullying in school.


To help wherever I see help is needed more so then I do now.


To be nice to other kids in my school and adults around me that have disabilities

Michael Donmoyer

By not contributing to the cause that creates stigma,...


I pledge to end Stigma

Susan L. Love

I pledge to take the stigma of Autism away as my children are both on the Autism Spectrum.

Raquel Austin

I pledge to take the following action against stigma.

Karen Rivera

I pledge to educate others on the differing abilities of others. Also to remind others that we are all humans, and no one is perfect.

Aimee Slaugh

I pledge to not let anybody with a disability be bullied!

Bailey Osinski

I will speak up when I hear it happening and always treat others kindly

Ekeoma Ekeleme-Washington

Talking with others about the stigma regarding those with disabilities.
Terminology when referring to those who are different than them

Omayra Parrilla

Persons with disabilities, should have the same rights, common people. So should send letterto those who make the laws, to do more rigorous laws for the disabled

Latrinda winter

I pledge to stop the horrible comments that I hear being made. I pledge to stand up and defend.


I pledge to making all people with disabilities feel welcome and comfortable at our Curves/Jenny Craig location.

Angelina – CenClear

Meet them where they are at and do not judge!

Amy Erbrecht

To be a nicer Person to everyone I talk to or meet.


Spread awareness and advocate for those with disabilities

Diana lyons

Help raise awareness by publishing videos on social media in regards to issues/concerns of the plights of the handicapped and more specifically my son and ataxia