Every few years the PA Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC) is charged with creating a state plan. The plan begins by learning about the present situation for people with developmental disabilities and their families in Pennsylvania. Next, the Council considers actions and strategies that will lead to more meaningful, inclusive, and self-directed lives for people with developmental disabilities in our state. These strategy ideas guide the Council’s work plan over the coming years.

To achieve the goals in the plan, the Council funds grant applications from groups and organizations through a competitive bid process. The Council’s work is broad; its activities are many. The Council participates in creating a better future for Pennsylvanians with disabilities by:

  • Funding short-term projects that show new and innovative ways for people with disabilities to participate as respected and valued members of our communities.
  • Empowering people with disabilities and their families to have a strong voice on Pennsylvania matters that affect their lives.
  • Advocating for improved public policies and services so that people with developmental disabilities may benefit from the opportunities and resources available to other citizens and community members.
  • Encouraging change in communities that embraces the diversity of the disability experience and confronts the stigma encountered by citizens with disabilities.

PADDC also concerns itself with national trends that may influence the lives of people with disabilities, their families, or both. By carefully watching and examining trends and new developments on a national level, the Council is up-to-date on ways to support people with disabilities and families right here in Pennsylvania.

The Council always seeks thoughts and ideas from concerned citizens regarding issues that affect the lives of people with developmental disabilities and creative ideas for tackling these issues in Pennsylvania.