Visionaries see the world as it should be, not as it is now. They have strong original ideas about how things can be different in the future. Leaders share their vision and help others to see what is possible. They motivate others to act. Visionaries persevere even when they face doubt. They hold true to their beliefs and values. Visionary Leadership is rare and special.

The winner of this award carries Graham’s legacy forward through actions, achievements, and contributions to benefit Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities.

The Council will honor people, groups, projects, or entities who:

  • Envisioned and created something different than others thought possible.
  • Worked with allies to pursue equity for all.
  • Energized and motivated others to act collectively to realize their vision.
  • Persisted in the face of resistance and held firm in their beliefs and values.
  • Produced lasting positive outcomes for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Achieved wide reaching social and cultural change.


Graham Mulholland Visionary Leadership Award Recipients

Nancy Richey, 2023