(Our Executive Director, Lisa Tesler, shares this important information from The Majority Staff of the Senate Special Committee on Aging)

“In the near future, the Senate Special Committee on Aging will be holding a hearing on guardianships, conservatorships, protective arrangements, and alternatives. The Committee is seeking input from the public in three areas:

  1. Stories and examples of problems with guardianships,
  2. Stories and examples of alternatives to guardianships,
  3. Suggestions for protecting the rights of people being considered for or currently covered by guardianships, conservatorships, or other protective arrangements.

The purpose of collecting this information is to document the scope of problems related to protective arrangements and to identify potential solutions. Unfortunately, we cannot address individual problems or concerns with protective arrangements.

You can submit a statement for the record to guardianships@aging.senate.gov. We suggest statements be five pages or briefer. If you are interested in submitting a statement for the record, please do so by March 23, 2023.

Thank you.

The Majority Staff of the Senate Special Committee on Aging”

Lisa A. Tesler | Executive Director