The 2018 Pennsylvania Community Alliance Summit will be on September 5-6, 2018 in Harrisburg, and we are seeking 5-minute Pop-up Talks on all topics relating to strengthening community ties, grassroots organizing, and creating diverse alliances.  You may also submit ideas for Pop-up Talks on key issues your organization faces, being sure to connect how others can become your partners and allies.

Pop-up Talks are meant to be informal, quick information sharing, mini-dialogues; a small-scale contribution of your experience and knowledge.  We are seeking presenters who represent all of society: from individuals who work in for-profit business, non-profits, government, activists and community members. We have listed some possible session ideas below.  Again, we are looking for ideas on “building partnerships and alliances” to address disparities, oppression and marginalization experienced by diverse communities.

  • Minority/Women-Owned/Small Business Alliances
  • Disparities in Education (Ethnicity, Gender, Disability, Income, etc.)
  • How Can We Help Each Other? Here’s How We Did It!
  • Mental Health Care (& Lack Thereof) for our Communities
  • Show Me The Money – Hidden Financial Resources for Partnering Communities
  • Inconsistency of Available Resources – Sharing When the Well Runs Dry
  • Developing a Diverse Board/Committee
  • Outreach and Engaging “Other” Communities
  • Accessibility & Visit-ability – How to Be More Welcoming To All
  • The Many Benefits of Partnering with a Foundation
  • Stopping the Violence – We All Have a Part
  • Social Justice Alliances – Moving The Needle Together
  • How Do I Become a Good Ally?
  • Tips for Applying to Foundations – Does Collaboration Strengthen Proposals?

This list is certainly not exhaustive; feel free to submit whatever ideas you have.  We encourage you to think outside the box!  We welcome attendees and speakers from all populations who are working towards equity and inclusion for all.  Complete the one page Proposal Form and submit your application by email or fax.

Applications are due Friday, March 30, 2018. Please submit your application by, or by FAX: (717) 772-0738.

If your Pop-up Talk is chosen by the 2018 PA Community Alliance Summit Planning Committee, you will be contacted and asked to provide a one-page fact sheet or information/data and resources summary for Summit attendees’ packets, to accompany and provide further education on what you cover during your Pop-up Talk.

Link to: Community Alliance Pop-up Talk Application

This event is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.