Through a grant funded by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council from 2013 – 2017, Temple University Institute on Disabilities and Values Into Action have collaborated to publish three new resources to support the provision of person directed services through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs:

This guide instructs interested organizations on how to start up and qualify to become a Supports Brokerage (that is, a service provider that offers the supports broker service) in Pennsylvania.  It provides steps, suggestions and examples to be used to develop and qualify as a Supports Brokerage, and steps to sustain a successful and well-trained staff of Supports Brokers.

This Trainer Guide represents the culmination of four years of learning, teaching, and reflecting on best practices in supporting people to lead their own services and supports through the Pennsylvania Participant Directed Services system.  This Trainer Guide can be used by organizations as they orient and mentor Supports Brokers, either pre- or post-certification by the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP).

  • Supports Brokering in Pennsylvania, Lessons 1 – 14 (PDF) (Powerpoint)

These power point slides accompany the Trainer Guide: Supports Brokering in Pennsylvania.  The two resources are to be used together to provide education on Pennsylvania’s Participant Directed Services system, and to initiate or refresh training of Supports Brokers.

Please contact Temple University Institute on Disabilities with questions and/or to obtain these documents.  Other resources related to Participant Directed Services are also available on their website at: