With our grant support, the Pennsylvania Health Law Project (PHLP) created a publication, MAWD or Marketplace? – What Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Need to Know about Choosing Health Insurance Coverage.  This tutorial helps consumers, family members and health care navigators understand and choose between these two options. According to their analysis, generally MAWD is a better health insurance option than the Marketplace for people with disabilities.

Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD) is a Medicaid program for Pennsylvanians age 16 through 64 who have significant health issues or disabilities and who are also doing some type of paid work. These individuals, as long as they do not have Medicare, can also explore insurance options through the Marketplace (HealthCare.gov).

PHLP’s publication describes the eligibility criteria for each insurance option, the covered benefits, and the costs. It then compares the possible pros and cons of each and uses examples of more de-tailed comparisons for readers to consider. After analyzing the relevant considerations for health care coverage, we conclude that for the majority of Pennsylvanians who meet the criteria for both MAWD and Marketplace coverage, MAWD is the better choice. There may be isolated exceptions when an individual would choose Marketplace coverage over MAWD because their health care provider accepts the Marketplace plan but does not accept Medicaid. Otherwise, when considering cost, coverage, access to medical transportation and other significant factors, MAWD appears to be the better choice for persons with disabilities or serious health issues.

For a copy of the new tutorial, CLICK HERE.