We are excited to share a video recently produced by our project with Access Services. The Integrate for Good impact video highlights its shared philosophy that our community is stronger when talents and contributions of individuals of all abilities are captured and included.  Videographer Nick Welsh filmed the project’s vision for the video.

The Integrate for Good project would appreciate the video being shared on websites, social media, and with other who may be interested in learning about the project.

The project is also looking for additional individuals with disabilities (ages 14 and over) who would be interested in participating in workshops and creating digital portfolios to highlight their strengths, interests and desired volunteer and work preferences.  Additionally, they are always looking for new nonprofit organizations to welcome volunteers and create more inclusive, diverse community spaces.  Project personnel are available for presentations and trainings for schools, agencies and families. There is no charge to individuals or organizations for participation.

To learn more or to get involved in the  Integrate for Good project, contact Bev Weinberg at bweinberg@accessservices.org or by phone at (610) 420-7095.