The Pennsylvania Development Disabilities Council (Pa DD Council) seeks to reach younger parents and those who influence their decisions in order to assure they have all of the information available in order for them to make the wisest choices for their child. This includes providing them with a historical perspective on where segregation, isolation and congregate settings have led and can involve formal and informal education, experiential learning, the provision of materials, exposure to adults with disabilities as role models, and group learning opportunities, especially those where parents who have chosen more integrated routes are included in the co-learning experience. The information provided should stress not only what is possible within the current systems but explore what has not yet been conceived or thought possible. Choices should include not merely that which is most characteristically offered or thought acceptable.

The Pa DD Council has initiated a mandatory requirement to ensure the direct involvement and partnership of people with disabilities who are members of diverse unserved/underserved communities. All of our projects must include collaboration with a targeted diverse unserved/underserved population in Pennsylvania.

Look to our future grants for opportunities to lead or organize partnerships with others, in work that is important to your community. It is the Pa DD Council’s vision that our work not only benefit Pennsylvania’s with developmental disabilities, but indeed, all people.

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