PADDC Social Media Posting Guidelines (revised 1/3/2022)

  1. Does it match our mission, vision, and values?
  2. Does it fall under our priorities and goals?
  3. Is it relevant to our target population?
  • People with disabilities and their families
  • Providers/support staff
  • Disabilities rights advocates
  • Potential grantees
  1. Does it conflict with any of our work?

Give highest priority to posts about current grantees and the “products” that are being created.

Guidelines for responding to or hiding/deleting posts

As a rule, the Council does not respond to inflammatory or personally offensive comments. Comments that misrepresent issues core to the Council’s work may warrant a public reply.

Comments that meet the following criteria may be deleted by the Communications/Publications grantee:

  • Profanity (if not caught by automatic filter – for example, contained in an image)
  • Defamation – provably false claim against a person or organization
  • Threats
  • Sexual content – other than educational
  • Ads
  • Information that endorses illegal actions
  • Comments that contain HIPAA-protected information will be hidden.

Guidelines for hiding/blocking individuals or organizations

If an individual or organization regularly or routinely posts inappropriate comments that meet the criteria to be hidden or deleted, PADDC reserves the right to block that entity from making future comments or posts. This action will be taken only in extreme circumstances and after consultation with PADDC executive staff members.