The Council has been very active and busy during the past year, including completing much work to update our mission and vision. In this report we are combining our 2021 Impact Report with our Spring 2022 Outlooks Newsletter.  

The Impact report highlights just some of the important work completed during 2021. As we wrap up our last State Plan, we express gratitude and pride in the work done by all of our grantees. We made significant progress in meeting our social and system change goals and will build on those successes in our next plan. Look for our next Request for Applications publication this fall to see what work we have planned in the coming years. 

In our Spring Newsletter, you can learn about our newly elected officers, Chairperson Kort Wehberg and Vice-Chairperson Rob Oliver. We also have information that walks you through the accessibility features on our website. Self-advocacy is also a focus in the newsletter, with an interview with Oscar Drummond from Self-advocates United as One (SAU-1). Finally, read about our new Self Advocate Spotlight Series!

Download the PDF of the combined 2021 PADDC Impact Report/Spring 2022 Outlooks Newsletter